• One of our principles is the originality of projects.

  • Innovation – we use our own innovative techniques while developing projects

  • We have gained lots of inspiration during years of filming extreme sports and while collaborating with a number of  musicians in video making.

  • Our sport fighting spirit (ref.: the history of the company) makes us want every project to come out impeccably. 

  • R5 Films is a flexible business partner.

  • We are competitive price-wise.

  • We support our client beyond the postproduction process, eg .: in marketing.

  • We meet the deadlines thanks to our careful planning.

  • We maintain high standards of projects and services.

  • We are available 24/7 via the phone or the internet.

  • We approach every project individually, which makes it unique and custom-made.

  • We guarantee the completion of every project – we make no excuses

  • We operate internationally


We produce:

  • Short filme

  • Music videos

  • Commercials

  • Trailers

  • Viral videos

  • Making-of videos

  • Event and conference coverage.

  • Promotional and corporate films

  • Editing (external materials)

  • Postproduction

  • Animation / graphics

  • We also specialize in all other production aspects such as script writing, character creating etc.

R5 Films

We are creative production company located in Warsaw - with our own film crew and post production studio. The company is grounded on cutting edge standards. we specialize in creating film projects from concept to realization,

We direct our services to BTL and ATL advertising markets; media, marketing, corporate and sports markets, as well as to individual ones.

We are young, creative and ambitious team. Self-development, innovation and originally are our principles. We specialize in : production, script writing,directing, special effects, post production, animation, graphics.